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  1. Pets must be kept on a leash and be well behaved. It is not acceptable to leave pets tied out unattended or where they can come in contact with trees or shrubs. Owner must clean up after pet and dispose of waste in proper container. Repeated barking or any threatening behavior by a pet subjects the camper to eviction.

  2. Only untreated wood and charcoal is allowed to be burned in fire ring. Absolutely no garbage or plastic. Fire ring is not to be moved.

  3. Campsites must be kept neat and clean. Items that can be stored under the camper are firewood, Kayaks and extra propane tanks.

  4. RV's must be kept clean and in good repair.

  5. No outside decorations including decorative lights and flags of any kind. Hanging plants and name plaques are acceptable.

  6. Speed limit is 5 mph.

  7. Quiet time is from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am.

  8. No generators running unless there is a power outage.

  9. No alcohol allowed in the campground.

  10. Firewood must be stored in an approved location, please inquire.

  11. No hacking, chopping, placing screws or nails in trees. It is not acceptable to tie hammocks to trees.

  12. No removal of plants of any kind from campground.

  13. Golf carts are allowed on roads, if operated by an adult. No ATV's allowed in the Campground.

  14. If you have your chairs out leave them set up for use or store them away.

  15. One immediate family per campsite. Children must be accompanied by an adult while in the campground.

  16. RV must be positioned on site to managements specifications. Only two vehicles per campsite not including RV. Vehicles tires must be kept on gravel. Absolutely No Parking on Grass.

  17. Building code in effect, please inquire.

  18. If occupied from November through April, the water supply line must be of the heated type. It is not permissible to leave water running to prevent freezing. Turn water off when camper is not occupied.

  19. No window air conditioners.

  20. Fireworks are not allowed in the campground.

  21. No shooting firearms, BB, pellet guns or bows or slingshots in the campground.

  22. Campers must be moved in and set up during daylight hours.

  23. Free standing canopy's, please inquire.

  24. If you wish to exercise your Second Amendment rights, you must carry concealed in the campground.

  25. Campers are responsible for informing their guests of campground rules.

  26. Please place garbage in a sturdy garbage bag and place it in square containers provided by exit road. Loose litter may be placed in round containers.

  27. Outside lights, if you are outside and need them on by all means use them. If you are inside or gone please turn them off so you don't disturb your neighbors.

  28. If you pull your camper off the site for any reason your outside items must be removed also.

  29. Keep any audio volume to a level that cannot be heard at the next campsite.

  30. No vehicle repairs or maintenance allowed in the campground.

  31. If you wish to have a security camera. The camera must be pointed at your camper only. As to not encroach on your neighbor's privacy.

  32. If a maintenance issue arises that requires your RV to be moved from the campsite. RV must be moved to different location in the campground until maintenance is complete. RV must be moved when requested by the campground.

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